This wonderful garment highlights our bodily attributes, it was designed in the ancient civilization of Mykonos - Greece and has been evolving not only to define your waist, but to control the abdomen, correct posture and support aesthetic or medical treatments.

Over the years the girdle has been the subject of discussion due to its benefits and long-term effects on our body. Therefore, today I want to tell you some myths and facts about the use of the girdle.

Is the girdle ideal for weight loss?

We would all believe that after wearing a girdle for a few months our body would be statuesque, but in reality this does not happen. This garment helps us to gradually reduce measurements at the waist, but it will not magically eliminate fat from our abdomen, legs or arms.

Its objective is to immediately control body fat, thus highlighting your attributes and allowing you to show off your clothes in an incredible way.

How is a girdle recommended to be?

Not all girdles are the same and prices vary according to their quality. In the market we find different brands, but of all the ones I have used the one that I like the most for its comfort and advantages are those of #FajasCanela , They use the latest technology, their seams are of high quality and resistance, which makes it fit very well to the body, it has an invisible effect with your clothes on and the best of all is that it does not roll!

Do I have to remove my girdle to go to the bathroom?

No, you can enter the bathroom with the girdle on, most girdles have an opening in your intimate area. The one that I use daily, which is #FajasCanela, has some clasps on the perineal part which you can fasten and unfasten every time you need to go to the bathroom.

Can I use my girdle to go to the gym and burn more calories?

Always keep in mind that there are different types of girdles, each with different materials and objectives. For example, the shaping girdles are not used to perform any type of sport, the special ones to maximize your performance are the reducers, which cover the abdominal area and sometimes the arms. Again I recommend the ones of #FajasCanela , since its neoprene material allows you to eliminate toxins and give you a sauna effect, making you sweat 4 times more than normal.

Should I wear one size smaller for it to have more effect?

It is very important to take into account your current measurements, since if you use a very small girdle it can cause discomfort, cramps, swelling and limit us when performing our daily activities.

In which cases should this garment not be used?

There are no restrictions for the use of girdles, as they do not cause health problems, we only have to acquire the appropriate size.

Does my girdle fit anyone?

Remember that this is an intimate and one-man garment, so avoid lending it.

I hope that all these answers are useful and you make the best decision when acquiring yours. Likewise, I leave you the page that I like so much

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